about-us-300x207QALogic Testing Services (P) Ltd. is a fastest growing Software Testing services and consulting Company. Our offerings include: Test Consulting, Testing Services, Test Trainings, Ethical Hacking, organization security assessment to the clientele.

QALogic offers end-to-end testing solutions. We have a reputation for being highly ethical and reliable and a track record for quickly turning innovative ideas for Software Testing into highly Quality products. Our streamlined approach helps our clients to develop quality product at low cast.

We have many certified resources in different Testing fields (i.e. Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing) with a vision and mission to deliver the quality solutions to the clients. Our success stems from our use of a proven global delivery model that draws on our extensive software development experience (including development of our own industry-leading products and components for the Asian market). In addition, we hire only the best and brightest for our global development centers, while maintaining a local footprint to ensure our clients of timely communication and a high level of customer service.

Two core principles form the foundation of every service we provide and every product we develop.

  • We believe that every one of our customers is unique, and that every customer has unique needs that require a unique solution. At QALogic, every customer receives a personalized solution, a solution tailored specifically to meet that customer’s individual needs.

  • We also believe that every one of our services requires the quality and excellence that are achieved only through our rigorous zero-defects philosophy. This philosophy impacts every phase of our development process, and ensures that our quality assurance process quickly identifies potential problems so that our services are provided with the highest possible quality.