DesktopApptesting31Maintaining quality with time-to-market is a challenge lot of companies struggle with when developing desktop applications & for good reason. With so many languages, OS, platforms and environments to validate, desktop app developers are often forced to release their applications prematurely.

We enable software companies of all sizes to expand the scope of their testing efforts across different environments, operating systems, locations and other criteria. We offer following types of desktop testing services:

  • Functional Testing: The QALogic Testing Services community can execute test cases and report defects related to the main features and functionality of your desktop application.

  • Security Testing: Our team of security experts will test your desktop app for SQL injection, DNS poisoning and other common vulnerabilities.

  • Load / Performance Testing: Is your desktop application able to handle peak load? Optimize your desktop app with our unique performance/load testing solutions.

  • Localization Testing: QALogic Testing Services can provide third-party verification of context and accuracy for localized desktop application.

  • Usability Testing: Our dedicated UX experts will help you to test the usability of your desktop application.